Launching a new service - WutWutWut

As a product development consultant, I have built hundreds (maybe thousands, but that seems like a lot) of websites/apps/programs/etc., helped companies turn around from losing tens of thousands each month to profiting hundreds of thousands each month, and turned customers’ crazy schemes and ideas into realities.

But I rarely launch my own services or products, because once it is real, then it becomes work, and if I enjoyed work, I wouldn’t go on vacation as often as I do!

I was thinking on my drive home Friday night about an easy something that I can build, doesn’t charge a user, and can immediately benefit my friends and family?

That is where I came up with WutWutWut, a web browser bookmark that will randomly choose a friend or family member that you have invited to collect a small commission from your Amazon purchase that day.

Creating the bookmark is super easy! Just sign up and invite anyone you want to add their Amazon Associates account (a free profit-sharing service from Amazon) to your bookmark. Then each time you use the bookmark, a percentage of your purchase (0-10% - learn more at Amazon) will go to a random person you have invited.

It is free to use, will never charge, mainly because implementing a payment system is more trouble than this is worth! I would kindly request that if you want to support the service, leave the WutWutWut account on your bookmark, but there is no expectation that anyone will.