Godaddy Broke Full Path Domain Forwarding

Did GoDaddy’s recent (June 2018) change to their domain forwarding service break your paths? This happened to a few of our domains as well, and we were PISSED!

Before you transfer your domains to a “better” registrar, or follow their offial (and terrible) response to spend more money and upgrade to their hosting plan, then modify some of the hosting files, and sacrafice a small animal, know that there is a solution that requires almost no work on your part! And you can test it out for FREE!

A very simple domain forwarding service to help get your domains back on their feet after months of downtime.

Its super easy to use, and only costs $9 per domain per month after your 2 week free trial.

Using to Forward your Domain from GoDaddy

We are going to assume you are trying to forward to

  1. Go to and sign up.
  2. Add the domain you want to forward.
  3. Click the checkbox for “Domain Forwarding”
  4. Set the Forwarding Base Path to “
  5. Go to your GoDaddy DNS
    1. Create a new CName Record for “” (don’t include “”) and point it to “”
    2. Create a new A Record “” (again, don’t include “” in the textbox) and point it to “”
  6. Give GoDaddy a few minutes to propagate your DNS changes around.
  7. Go back to your domain in NavHere and click “Verify”
  8. That’s It! You have a free 2 week trial period to test it.
  9. Click the “Renew” button on your domain to add another year of redirections for only $9

If you have any issues:

Email with any questions, comments, concerns, or just to talk. We get lonely some times, too!