Why We Built NavHere.com

My buddy Austin and I relied heavily on GoDaddy’s full-path domain forwarding and regular domain forwarding.

I used it to point various old sites to my own personal blog, and Austin used it to redirect his personal site to his work site.

One day one of Austin’s old and reliable links stopped working, and was coming up with a message from GoDaddy stating that nothing was wrong on their end, so the short link must be expired. The only problem was Austin wasn’t using a short link.

After he reached out to GoDaddy support, it turns out that they had removed full-path domain forwarding in order to add short linking, but worst of all, they never told anyone about it.

I suggested that he get a droplet from Digital Ocean and host a redirector, but he felt that it was overkill and said, if we are having this problem, I’m sure plenty of other people are, maybe we should build a small web app, that does full-path redirection and short linking, since GoDaddy thinks those two products are comletely incompatible.

Within a few hours I had a prototype of the redirector built to handle the redirections of my main site. Then, it took a couple more weeks to build out the front end of the website, and multiple iterations of the MongoDB layout to get it performing the way it should – turns out you don’t want to have an array of 80k sub documents.

But now we are ready to show the world NavHere.com - Simply Domain Redirection