Why I Chose Micro.blog

I was talking to a buddy about the fact that I plan on moving my blog from a self-hosted WordPress.org to Micro.blog, and he asked: Why? And why not Medium or WordPress.com?

The simple answer is that I want to support the product builder community.

WordPress.com (and .org) has come a VERY long way from the days when it was just Matt building a kick-ass blogging platform, and as such, it has out grown my needs (a simple blog host that makes it easy to write content on the occasions I feel like writing content).

Don’t get me wrong, WordPress is an amazing platform and a phenomenal feat of engineering, it just isn’t the simple fast blog platform it used to be. For instance, my self-hosted WordPress costs $40/Mo because of the memory and CPU requirements on the occasional high traffic day (which is honestly only about 20-30k views).

As for Medium, it’s more principled. Every time you open an article, they pop up a sign in/up dialog that you must dismiss. Plain and simple.

What’s Next?

I eventually need to pull over my content and forward my domain. And THAT terrifies me. That website has been alive for years and years. URLs are going to change, I will need to ensure that they persist and redirect.

Thankfully, I’m building a product for that :).